If you plan on using your truck for hunting or going to the range, a truck gun rack can really help. They protect both your guns andscopes and ensureeverything remainscalibrated when you need it.

There are many brands and kindsof gun racks available. In this article we will discuss the different types so that you can choose one that best fits your needs.

Why Buy A Truck Gun Rack?

Not using gun racks and placingyour guns in the bed of the truck is just asking for trouble. Unexpected quick stops, turns, and bouncing on rough roads can easily cause your gun to either hit the front or sides of the bed, or be jolted up in the air, coming down hard on the bed which can cause damage.

Even if you have your weapon in a hard case, jarring impacts can adversely affect scopes on rifles thus causing you later to miss your target. Truck gun racks are relatively inexpensiveand can save you the price of a new scope or even a new stock.

You should also not just toss your firearmsinto the back seat of your truck. If you have to make a quick stop, your guns will slide forward and can end up hitting the floor hard.

Your passengers should never carry their guns while in a truck. Unexpected bumps and turns can cause the gun to fall out of your passengers hands and this can also cause a rifle scope to be knocked off zero and it will no longer be accurate. Worse yet, the scope could become damaged beyond repair.

For these reasons, you should seriously consider investing in a good truck gun rack if you plan on having guns in your truck.

Gun Rack Brands

There are many brands of truck gun racks to choose from. Some of the more popular are: G-Lox, Great Day, Rugged Gear, Big Sky, The Seat Rack, Game Winner, Champion, and Allen.

Let’s take a look at a few different configurations that are available:

Floor Mounted Gun Racks

The first thing to take into consideration when shopping for a gun rack is where you want your gun or guns to be.

For example, there are racks that will mount to the floor in the middle of your front seats. This type of gun rack enables either the driver or passenger to quickly grab the gun and start hunting or it saves time when stopping at the gun range.

A floor mounted front seat rack allows you to keep your hands free and on the wheel, and if you have a passenger, they dont need to hold onto their gun.

Overhead Gun Racks

Another place you can install a gun rack is overhead on the inside roof. This type keeps the guns out of your way until the time you wish to use them.

An overhead rack is difficult to see from the outside which is a good way to avoid theft. Overhead racks usually have padding and straps that do not scratch or damage your guns.There are also one-gun rack options for those who want a smaller rack.

A disadvantage of an overhead rack is that it needs to be screwed into the metal roof of your truck. If you decide to buy this kind, make sure that your gun will fit and that the overhead rack can mount properly to your inside roof.

Measure the rack that you are going to purchase and determine where the mounting holes will be. Locate the area for instalaltion and then make sure that your gun will fit properly once the rack is installed. Do this before mounting or else you might end up with the unfortunate situation where your gun or guns will not fit.

Rear Window Gun Rack

You can also purchase gun racks that mount to the back of the inside cab on the rear window.

These racks can serve a dual purpose as they can also haul fishing rods.If you are concerned about theft, you might not want to choose this type as it’s very visible from the outside.

Rear window gun racks are oftentimes made of plastic and can be mounted without the use of any tools. They clip into the window and securely hold your guns.

Back Seat Gun Rack

If you want to keep your guns out of the rearview but would still like them in the back seat area, you can choose a model with straps that go around your front seats and holds the guns behind the seats.

These back seat gun caseshold your guns in pockets that are made of fabric. They can also fold up when not in use which makes them a very convenient accessory.

Truck Bed Racks

If your looking to mount your guns to the truck bed, kopin rhino grips are a popular solution for truck owners. They’re very versatile and can carry guns, tools and even chainsaws safely and securely.

They are designed to be mounted on any horizontal or vertical surface (such as a truck bed) and come with bands, nuts and bolts.

Metal Gun Racks vs Plastic

Depending on what you are looking for, you can purchase a plastic or a metal gun rack.

Most truck gun racks hold two guns but there are models that will hold three. When looking to buy a gun rack, you should choose one that will not scratch your gun. Look for padding and straps that do not have metal that will rub against your gun and can possibly scratch it.

There is nothing wrong with going with metal, as long as the metal does not adversely damage your gun. Usually, metal racks are more expensive while plastic gun racks are both inexpensive and oftentimes easier to install. Some metal racks require the drilling of holes for screws.

There’s also some great aluminum racksracks on the market, but they do tend to be a bit more expensive.

Get The Right Rack For Your Gun

Most of the truck gun racks for sale today will safely transport shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders. Overhead gun racks usually are one piece even if they are made to accommodate two guns.

Plastic rear window models are comprised of two separate pieces. Front racks consist of one piece that is bolted to the floor. And, racks that mount to the rear of your front seat are usually two pieces and do not need to be screwed or bolted in. They simply strap to each front seat and the guns fit in the holders on the back of each seat.

There are many makes and models of truck gun racks to choose from. The key is to find one that you like that will do the job for you.

Remember also, you should never have a loaded gun in your vehicle so make sure all guns are unloaded and put on safe before being placed on your gun rack. It’s also a good idea to check out local and state gun laws to remain on the right side of Johnny Law, too.