When it comes to selecting a truck bed divider, there?s a lot of options. It can be as simple as a ratcheting bar that extends across your bed or a full panel that sections off the truck bed itself.

The main function, however, is the same. Truck bed dividers are made to keep your cargo in place. If you?re only hauling a smaller cargo like tools or groceries,?a divider can keep them in place.

In this article, we?ll discuss some of the best features and designs of truck bed dividers so that you?ll be able to find the very best option out there.

The Best Truck Bed Dividers of 2018

What is a Truck Bed Divider?

A bed divider can be as simple as a tube with ?feet? that brace against the walls of your bed. They can have a little more to them, consisting of a metal gate that completely blocks off or sections your truck bed off.

Dividers are usually made of metal tubing or metal grate and they are adjustable to fit your truck bed.

Their main purpose is to make a smaller area to secure smaller cargo. This makes them?great to trap a cooler, toolbox or to keep small items from rolling around?in the back.

Reasons to Buy A Divider

The bed of your truck is great when you have to move or haul cargo here and there, but if you?re packing smaller items then it can be a hassle.

With an open bed, it is hard to keep things where you want them, but that is where a divider comes in.

Secure Smaller Cargo

If you?re carrying a few things in the back of your truck, you’ll know how hard it can be to keep it in one place. We all know the sound of smaller toolboxes, coolers and small cargo in general shifting in the back of your truck when you take a turn.

A truck bed divider solves that issue by pressing the smaller stuff against the side of the bed or between the divider and the cab. It is a great solution to a common problem!

Better?Than?Regular Tie Downs

Of course, you can always tie items down, it is the easier way to go, but sometime they just aren?t as secure as a a?divider. A cooler, for example, doesn?t have good attachment points for tying it down.

Most dividers can adjust to the size of your cargo too. You can move the divider to the right width, so your cargo will always be ?pinched? between the divider and your truck bed itself.

Great For Groceries

When you’ve got a couple of kids in the cab, groceries have to go in the back. This means fragile items like eggs and beer are at risk from potholes or some idiot decides to cut you off. The end result – both you and your wife are upset at the breakages!

It’s situations like these where dividers with cargo bags or nets?save the day and stop things rattling around in the back.

Adjustable & Removable

A big advantage of cargo dividers is that they are easily removable. You can adjust the divider to fit whatever cargo you have on a particular day, or leave it in the garage if you don’t need it.


An alternative to dividers are cargo organizers. The can run close to $1,000 – more if you pay for installation.

There’s quite a few different types and models of dividers that cost between $50 to $100, making them really affordable.

Types of Dividers

You have a couple of options when it comes to a truck bed divider. You can opt for a basic pole divider or a panel divider.

Pole dividers feature a ratcheting extension, they ratchet out to fit the truck bed. They can be a simple but effective way to keep your cargo?where it needs to be.

A panel truck divider is a full frame panel that fits into your truck bed. It is almost like having a gate within your truck bed. It acts as a blocking panel to keep cargo pushed further up the bed itself.

Panels are nice because they usually have mesh or grating that can act as attachment points for rope or netting.


Installing a bed divider is easy, in many cases you simply slide the divider where you need it. Once the panel is inside your truck bed a tension system will press it against the sides of your bed. This tension works much like a shower rod, keeping the divider in place.

Since installation isn?t permanent, you can move the divider where you want it or need it.

Also, if you need access to your truck bed or need to use the entire bed, you can easily remove it to free up some space. It really is a flexible accessory for your truck!

Choosing The Best Truck Bed?Divider

By now, you have probably made up your mind on purchasing a truck bed divider, but how do you pick the right one for you?

You should think about the way you?ll be using it. If you only need to use a divider on occasion, the pole dividers are?the best bet for you. They are a little cheaper and less involved that the full panel type. If you only need to haul small cargo every now and then, go for the pole type.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of smaller items that you want to carry and you do so frequently, I?d recommend looking into the panel or gate type dividers. These are made to be a heavy duty option. The panel model will also allow you to spread out your cargo behind it and tie it down along the panel itself.

Research the different models and materials too. Dividers can be made of steel, aluminium or even webbing. If you want to be able to move it easily, go for one of the lighter materials.

Truck bed dividers can be a great way to protect your cargo and your truck bed. Be sure to look around at the models available in your area. If there is a dealer near you, you can also call them to discuss your needs.

With a little research, you?ll be sure to find the right type?for you and your truck!