If you have a truck, you should look into purchasing some truck bed rails to protect your baby. After all, a truck does so much for you, isnt it time you gave something back?

Your truck is the ultimate wing-man for weekend adventures or workday obligations, but it can take a beating! You dont really remember where all those little dings and dents and chipped paint came from, do you?

Truck bed rails are sometimes a standard feature on some truck models and theyre included because theyre so useful in keeping it looking like new. Often, they’re not included so in this article we’ll take a look at what they are, and more importantly what they can do for you and your truck.

What are Truck Bed Rails?

Truck bed rails and rail caps are accessories that protect your truck from the daily wear and tear associated with loading cargo and general usage.

Theyare usually made of metal and they are tubular, made to withstand impacts and add support to your truck bed itself.

The rails attach and run on top of your bed, along the side rails. They also keep your truck sealed against moisture since they fit into the holes at the corners of your bed, sealing it off from the elements.

Truck Bed Rail Benefits

Your truck is an investment and a significant one. The purchase of the vehicle is one of the largest commitments a person can make, second only to owning a home. You want to take care of your investment and bed rails are the perfect accessory to protect your truck.

They are made to take a hit so your truck doesnt have to. They can allow cargo to slide along the rail, rather than the paint on your truck bed. They also keep itsafe from dents and dings.

Add Options for Cargo

Truck bed rails give you increased options for carrying a variety of cargo in a safe way, without damaging your truck.

With truck rails you’ll have a number of attachment points down the entire length of your truck bed. They are made to handle dings from equipment too, so theyll take the abuse while your truck does the hard work.

If you have cargo that hangs over the bed or that sits on top of the bed, side rails will also allow you to slide that load up into your bed without scratching your paint.

Protection for your Truck & Paint

Dents, dings and scratches can also dingthe value of your truck – especially when it comes times to trade it in. Using truck bed rails and bed caps can really add extra protection to keep your truck looking great, no matter what cargo you haul.

They are made to be tough and durable, theyre usually manufactured out of anodized aluminum or stainless steel. That means they can take a beating and then some!

Easy to Install

Truck rails and bed caps are one of the easiest truck accessories to install, hands down! If you want a simple way to add a great look to your truck, add rails and you wont be disappointed.

They install (usually) without any sort of drilling or modifications to the bed itself. Some just attach with the help of some quality double-sided tape like 3M. Naturally, you can add some rivets to make them more secure if you so desire.

Many models have a nice chrome look and match the lines of your existing bed, so they’ll blend in while adding a classic look to your truck.

Increased Functionality

A good bed cap and truck rail system adds to your ability to haul cargo without damaging your truck. They’ll also give you increased functionality, that is, you can get more into your truck without worrying about any secondary damage to the bed itself.

Some rail capseven have holes where you can insert a pole or stake, to add height to the side of your bed. Now that is convenient!


Truck rails are one of the most popular truck accessories out there because theyre so easy to install. This is especially true if you purchase somethat arespecifically made for your truck.

They install by taking advantage of the pocket holes already in your truck bed. This means you usuallydont need to drill additional holes into your truck bed.

Manymodelswill also attach with the help of a strong, double-sided tape like 3M, and perhaps some rivets if you want to make them more secure.

Choosing The Right Rails

If youve made up your mind to purchase truck bed rails or bed caps for your truck, youll be added a whole new element and look to the vehicle. Youll also be gaining the advantage of added protection and cargo hauling ability.

Not only are bed rails an attractive option for a truck accessory, theyre durable and made to last. They will give you the protection you need and can count on.

Be sure to do your research on the options available to your specific trucks make and model. Once you narrow down the rails that work on your truck, you can then find ones that help with cargo or improve the look of your truck.

Truck bed rails will help protect your investment, thats for sure, but with the right rails you can also haul an amazing array of cargo without the worry of damage.