Whether your hauling ladders and lumber to the job-site or taking the Kayaks to the lake, there’s truck bed accessories that can really help things go smoothly.

Not only will some of these popular accessories help with your cargo and racking systems, but they’ll also protect your trucks from the dents and dings of daily use.

Truck Bed Rails

Truck Bed Rails are both functional and help add a touch of class to any truck. They make it easier use tie-downs to better secure your load and for you to grab a hold of when working in the back of your truck.5

Many truck bed caps also come with stake holes. Putting a stake or pole through them will increase the height to the side of your truck bed.

And probably most importantly of all, good bed rails will help protect your paintwork when hauling cargo.

Bed Mats

Truck bed mats are another relatively inexpensive way to protect your truck and your cargo. They help stop stuff slipping and sliding around in the back.

Mats will also protect your truck bed from oil, grease and other spills which could otherwise cause rust and corrosion.

Truck Bed Extenders

If you’re carrying overly long cargo like lumber or perhaps a kayak, a truck bed extender will really help. They help keep everything safe and secure and give you great peace-of-mind when you hit that pothole at 70 mph.

Extenders are also incredibly versatile. There’s some that can act as ramp to help get motorcycles, snowmobiles and the like safely in your truck. Others are telescopic to help carry load overhead and yet more fold in on themselves and act like a divider.

Be sure to check out our page here for more ideas.

Truck Bed Covers

A good cover can provide protection from the elements and keep prying eyes away from your tools and cargo.

A lot of people prefer hard covers but their more expensive than the softer kinds. They also come in one, two or three pieces.

If you haul a lot of cargo that sticks up out of your bed and you can afford it, a tri-fold tonneau cover is just what your looking for.

Bed Dividers

A truck bed divider is much better than tie-downs when your carrying smaller cargo. The best dividers are adjustable so they can help secure things like coolers and tool boxes really well.

There’s simple cargo nets and pole dividers (sometimes called Cargo Bars). They cost less than panel dividers or Cargo Gates”.

The latter really does a good job of compartmentalizing your truck bed though! They’re easy to adjust and don’t require any assembly or mounting hardware.

Truck Bed Organizers

A step-up from dividers are truck bed organizers. They are really heavy duty carrying systems that use drawers and compartments. The best organizers can haul up to 2,000 lbs of gear!

On the downside, they’re not cheap!

Truck Tool Boxes

The market for tool boxes is extremely competitive so with a bit of shopping around you should be able to find a great deal for your set-up. They can help keep your tools safe, secure and in one place for when you need them in a hurry.

There’s deep chest tool boxes, cross-bed tool boxes, undercover swing case toolboxes and if you can spend a bit more; some really nice 70 tool boxes out there, too. The material also reflect the price with plastic, steel and aluminum being the main choices.

Truck Step

If you’re looking for a way of getting in and out of your truck bed much easier, you should definitely check out the AMP Bedstep.

In as little as 10 minutes this can be bolted on (not drilled) to your truck’s bumper or frame mounting points. It also easily stows away under the rear bumper so it won’t get in the way when you’re towing.

Tailgate Ladder

If you have limited mobility (or a bum knee even!) or are getting on in years, a truck bed ladder might suit you better than a step. They offer more support and also fold out and away when not in use.

Installation is also pretty easy, usually with self-tapping screws which go on the inside of the tail-gate.

Tailgate Pads

A truck bed pad / tailgate pad is another versatile piece of kit used mainly for securing bikes to tailgates. The padding protects both the bikes and your truck.

They work much better than a cargo blanket and will also stop your bikes from moving around so much!

People also use these pads to transport things like long boards and longer items with finished surfaces.

Truck Tents

It’s great there are now truck tents to fit virtually any size of truck bed with or without toolboxes or bedliners.

They’re really Camp Anywhere tents, and great for people who object to paying the $50 or so camping fee when you can just pull over and get these tents up in 15 minutes flat!