Many people like to mount lights to headache racks. They’re great for when you have to hit the brakes in a hurry. They alsogive extra backup lights which add to the OE lights many people don’t notice.

Whether you want to install sport lights, warning lights, utility lights, strobes, beacons, or light bars; certain brands of headache racks make the job quicker and easier. They can mount different types of lights so that holes do not need to be drilled into the roof of the cab of the truck.

Let’s take a look at a few of these now!

Backrack Racks

BackRack is one company that offers many types of brackets that can be used to mount a wide variety of lights to their racks.

BackRack is the leader when it comes to light accessories for their assortment of headache racks. Depending on the type of light, their brackets can be mounted on their original BackRack, Safety Rack, Louvered Rack, and Insert Rack.

Mounting Off-Road lights to one of their racks an easy process and you simply bolt them onto the rack. The off-road light brackets will not mount to their Safety Rack model 10200 and Insert Racks which have an open section in the middle.

BackRacks light brackets are specific to the type of light to be mounted and include a Safety Rack Light Bracket that can be used on their Safety Rack, Insert Racks, and their Louvered Rack.

Their Safety Rack Light Bracket attaches to the headache rack with several sheet metal screws and is ideal for mounting a single warning light.

They also have several other types of light brackets for their headache racks, such as a “Utility Light Bracket”.

There’s a number ofvariations that can be used on all of their racks but they area little more difficult to install and requires some drilling and cutting.

In fact, you can mount lights and Light Bar brackets to all of Backrack’s range apart from their “Three Light Insert Rack”.

Westin Racks

Another manufacturer of headache racks that you can mount lights on is Westin.

Westins HDX Headache Rack is equipped with four mounting tabs that you can use to affix lights on.

The tabs are optimally located on both sides of the rack so that mounted lights are not on the top of the roof.

Deezee Racks

Dee Zee offers several Cab Guard accessory light mounting brackets that can be used on all of their headache racks.

The mounting brackets slide into the channel in the headache rack and then an auxiliary light can be mounted. The mounting brackets will work on either side of Dee Zees Cab Guards so that the light can be mounted on the drivers or passengers side.

Headache Racks With Lights Pre-installed

Several headache rack manufacturers offer racks that already have lights mounted on them.

Ranch Hand has a “Hauler Rack” which is strong and heavy. It’s available both louvered and window-cut style.

Frontier has a fully louvered heavy-duty rack that has four lights already mounted on it. The lights can be seen by vehicles approaching from the rear and consist of one white and one red light on each top side of the rack.

B & W manufacturers a Cab Guard that has the best of both worlds. Their Cab Guard has four red lights along the top that can be seen from the rear, and B & W also offers light bracket accessories so that you could mount a light bar or a beacon light, to their headache rack also.