aluminum headache rackAluminum headache racks can help you and your truck in many different ways.

They can haul your tools, toolbox, and ladder, protect your cab and rear window from shifting loads, allow you to mount lights, and keep your cab cool on hot summer days.

There are several different kinds of headache racks to choose from. There are also quite a few manufacturers make them and can also customize aluminum racks.

Aluminum headache racks are generally far more expensive than their steel counterparts. However, the main benefit of having one is that it will not corrode and will last a very long time. They are also very light and strong, so won’t add to your load.

Lets take a look at some more pros and cons of the more popularaluminum racks.

HighwayHoneycomb Headache Rack

Not many manufacturers will warranty their aluminum headache racks past a year; however, Highway Products does. Their Honeycomb Headache Rack that comes with a lifetime warranty.

This rack is made with heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum that will support a whopping 750 pounds. Compare this to many steel racks that can only carry a maximum of 350 pounds and you can see why this aluminum rack is one of the bestmoney can buy.

Their trademarked honeycomb pattern ensures that even the smallest objects will not get through and break the rear glass of the truck cab.
Highway Products also boasts that they have the toughest aluminum headache rack on the market today – The “T-Hex”.

The T-Hex Headache Rack is made of high-quality military grade aluminum and will hold up to 1,000 pounds! What makes this rack so nice is that you can mount off-road lights to it, add a toolbox, add stop and turn lights, or add optional side rails to it to increase tie-down capacity.

The T-Hex comes in Highway Products Highway Black or it can be custom ordered and painted any color. Here’s a great video of it:

Dee Zee Headache Racks

Dee Zee is one of the best-selling manufacturers of headache racks.

Their aluminum mesh Cab Racks are comprised of a heavy-duty mesh pattern, or aluminum louvers that fully cover the rear window of the truck. Dee Zee’s racks are all-aluminum and highly resist corrosion.

They also come in either a bright silver powder coat finish or black finishes. Their black finishes include glossy or texture which is a flatter black.

A good model that will fit most trucks is the DZ95050B.

You can find an installation / fitment guide on the Dee Zee website.

Husky Liners Aluminum Racks

Husky Liners manufacturers a real nice aluminum headache rack made specifically for contractors.

Their Contractor Rack Sunshade incorporates the highest quality aluminum on the market. Made from aircraft grade aluminum; their rack is designed to keep the cab of the truck cool, while providing lots of strength and durability.

It also will not support the addition of lights, light bars, or other accessories that many people like to add onto their headache rack.

Weather Guard Cab Guard

Some companies mix and match metals for their racks.

For example, Weather Guard has a Protect-A-Rail Cab Guard. It is available in either all steel or an aluminum frame with 14 gauge black steel louvers.

Their cab guard with steel louvers is extremely lightweight and only weighs in at approximately 33 pounds.

The weight is an important consideration as the lighter the cab rack, the better fuel consumption will be (all things being equal).

Backbone Industry Racks

Another company that specializes in aluminum headache racks is Backbone. They custom make aluminum racks and they both their Baby Back (pictured)and Full Back models include a headache loop.

Their Skull Screen which is their cab window protector, is made of solid quarter inch plate aluminum. The Skull Screen comes included with the all-aluminum Full Back model and is optional for their all-aluminum Baby Back headache loop.

Backbones aluminum racks are offered in several different popular finishes: vibra-polish, super-silver, and gun metal. Their standard color is a black powder coat, however; color upgrades include either a lime green or rogue red that is bright and almost appears fluorescent.

Backbone will even mix and match colors which can offer a unique custom look.

Magnum Truck Racks

If your budget does not allow for an expensive custom made aluminum headache rack, Magnum offers well-made racks for a moderate price.

Their Low Pro Truck Rack with Lights is powder coated black and includes fully functional back-up, braking, and signal lights.

Magnum also offers other standard aluminum racks and a High Pro Truck Rack with Lights that is recommended for contractors who like a higher rack.

Aluminum headache racks are available in most popular styles from the most basic rack to very expensive custom racks. They are stylish and are a great accessory to any pick-up truck whether it is a work truck or personal truck.

Make sure if you are choosing one that it will accommodate your needs.