Hi, my name is Steve and welcome to truckbedracks.com!

I’m a truck guy to the car, having grown up around trucks and I love repairing, modifying and most fun of all – driving them!

On my Dad’s ranch in Montana, Internationals and Fords were (and still are!) the only brands of pick-up trucks you’d see.

The first truck that was all mine (by way of my Dad) was a 1980 Ford F150.


However, I love getting old trucks for cheap and working on them. My favorite range is Fords from 68 – 79 – probably because these are the ones that had to be maintained on the farm.

One thing I have learned is it’s hard to work on trucks when you lack three things:

1) Money
2) Tools
3) Knowledge

Now, the first one everybody struggles with, and ain’t nobody going to share it. The second is usually related to the first (or if you’re lucky you can borrow them).

The third is where this website comes in. We share tips, advice and guidance for getting the most out of your truck with the least hassle.

If there’s anything you’d like to see or add to this website, please feel free to contact me.